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Klassic Koalas: Vintage Postcards and Timeless Quotes of Wisdom

by Joanne Ehrich


Klassic Koalas: Vintage Postcards and Timeless Quotes of Wisdom, by Joanne Ehrich; Color Softbound; 96 pages, 8.5′ x 8.5′; (21.5cm x 21.5cm); May 15, 2007; ISBN-13: 978-0976469834; ISBN-10: 0976469839; Retail $34.99. Category: Antiques and Collectibles, Postcards. For ages 7+ up


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Gentle and friendly, the koalas captured in these postcard images from decades past offer a glimpse into their own simpler, kinder world—a world outside time. Pictures that highlight the tranquil and accepting nature of Australia’s most famous creature are accompanied by words of wisdom from some of the greatest and most compassionate minds the world has known, reminding us that the world is a better place when we extend patience and peace to those around us.

The black-and-white photos of winsome koalas speak for themselves, eloquently floating against solid, soft-colored backgrounds.

The quotations offer their own visual delights in imaginative layouts hinting of shapes from candles to blossoms, circles to paths, and even the face of the koala itself.

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Sidney Mitchell, Performer: “Klassic Koalas: Vintage Postcards and Timeless Quotes of Wisdom is a precious collection of Koala images and quotes juxtaposed in a carefully matched way. This splendid collection of quotes is symbolic of the placid and gentle nature of the Koala. The sayings could easily embody the thoughts of this treasured marsupial if it could speak.

Many of those quoted, such as Thoreau, Anatole France, and Arthur Ashe were not only admired for their personal accomplishments in life, they were also advocates for the preservation of nature and all her creations. What better way to proliferate this message than through this enchanting animal.”



Eva Kwolek, Columbus, IN: “After viewing the beautiful photographs in Klassic Koalas: Vintage Postcards and Timeless Quotes of Wisdom, I wanted to rush straight to the either the koala park, zoo, or sanctuary to cuddle with these lovely creatures. The quotes are a great addition that hold true meaning to life. This book warmed my heart.”





Jennifer Kahal, Speech Therapist:
“These are wonderful, inspiring quotes to live by. Great pictures to send to your family and friends for any travel occasion.”


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Cathy Boyer, Massage Therapist: “I have never seen these old koala postcards before and like the manner in which they were grouped. Klassic Koalas: Vintage Postcards and Timeless Quotes of Wisdom offers a refreshing mix of daily meditations; each page of this book has a penetrating message and a corresponding koala up-to-something companion image.

Are humans able to be playful and natural? Have we forgotten? “Yes” is the answer. Wise minds suggest it is a privilege and responsibility to be human, to have consciousness, and we are able, with our place in the cosmos, to protect vulnerable beings from harm.

The first step is to heal one’s self—and from there, the world. As the outer is reflection of inner. So as humans manage to heal the koala will be safe. Can someone read this to me every night and tuck me in?”


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