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Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eat

by Joanne Ehrich


Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eat, by Joanne Ehrich; Softbound; 64 pages, 8.5′ x 8.5′ (21.5cm x 21.5cm); May 7, 2007; ISBN-13: 978-0976469827, ISBN-10: 0976469820; BW: Retail $14.99; Color: Retail $28.99. Cat.: Vegetarian Recipes. For ages 7+ and adults.

BW: $14.99

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From cupcakes to chocolates, cookies to tea sandwiches, the delectable recipes in Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eatnow let you add everyone’s favorite marsupial to any social event—from children’s parties (think koala cookies, pancakes, or birthday cake) to grown-up gatherings (everything from pizza and bean dip to hors d’oeuvres, petit fours, and even pasta salad.)Imaginative and tasty, these concoctions include many easy enough to entice the timid, and a few that will challenge the artistry of anyone who likes to experiment in the kitchen. Included are tips for creating many other animal shapes such as that of a dog, cat, monkey, and bear. Of course, you may find some truly Too Cute to Eat!

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Eva Kwolek, Columbus, IN, USA:Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eatcontains the most adorable food I’ve ever seen! “Too Cute to Eat” is right! I would have never thought that so many foods could be created into koalas. As a vegetarian, it is sometimes hard for me to find different tasty treats, but this book is full of options. An added bonus are the pictures placed next to each recipe. If my friends and family didn’t already know I had an obsession with koalas, they’ll soon be thrilled to find out with these delicious baking projects.”

Jasrene Wong, Frankfurt, Germany: “This is the most creative recipe book I’ve ever seen! My greatest compliments for presenting the koala in such a unique manner. My only concern is that the party might not get started because nobody would want to eat these wonderful works of art….”


Vegan Delights, by Elaina Love; E-book; 16 pages, 7.5′ x 7.5′; June 18, 2007; Category: Recipes/Vegetarian; Download Now.



Vegan Delights (Free)

The complementary recipes in Vegan Delights have been provided by Elaina Love, who used her expertise to devise delicious vegan alternatives for the koala- and other animal-shaped party recipes in Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eat. Elaina Love is a professional raw food chef, instructor, lifestyle counselor, and restaurant consultant whose unique style of creating incredible tasting raw food cuisine has her highly sought after. An executive chef and co-owner of a raw, vegan Café Soulstice, in San Mateo, California. she has traveled worldwide to bring raw, living foods to spas, restaurants, retreats, festivals and individuals. She is the owner and director of PureJoyPlanet.com, featuring  certification courses, raw food recipe books, super foods, and kitchen, and health equipment.













Jean Charles Bonnet, Antony, France:Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eat is literally unbearable! Indeed it is hard to resist this superbly illustrated book of recipes. Enjoy cooking while expressing your love for these creatures.”

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Helen C. Paul, Santa Cruz, California: “This original collection of whimsical, fanciful and imaginative recipes should be a must for all mothers, teachers and leaders of children’s groups—especially preschools. Each inventive recipe uses the koala as its theme. Colorful photographs of each completed creation will pique the interest of children, whatever the age. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions will enable even an unskilled cook to prepare delightful edibles for guests, friends and family. These recipes are just too much fun to overlook!”



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