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Reproductions and originals, a la carte: Let us create a reproduction of your original art by flowing in your images on any of the templates below. Morever, we will even turn your original photograph of a favorite vacation destination, landscape, person, or pet into a classic painting, watercolor or pastel painting. Simply upload your photos and we'll add modified versions to your store from which you can then sell multiple copies which will produce on demand. Click here to upload your photo(s).  Click view photo-to-painting portrait or  landscape examples.

Mixed Media Watercolors and Pastels | View in Art Lab

Now you can turn your favorite landscape photograph into an instant original mixed-media watercolor or pastel painting. Yes, it’s true… Up until now there were several technical barriers to being able to do it right. The final painting may contain a combination of watercolor, pastel and colored pencil painting techniques. We also innovated box art frames that ensure the cover of the painting will not touch the actual picture, thus preserving the original. The painting will arrive framed.

Trompe “Oil” Paintings | View in Art Lab

The product name is a play on words on the French term “Trompe L’oeil” which translates into English as “fool the eye.” We use an encaustic painting technique that yields the appearance of an actual oil painting, with much faster drying time so that the art can be enjoyed much sooner. We take your photograph through a series of filters and print the result on heavy canvas fabric which then gets mounted on a board. The paint is then applied made to order by expert artisans, trained by master canvas lithographers.  Choose from a black or golden Plein-Air type of professionally mounted frame. It includes 1/4″ offset spacers to add extra interest to the painting.

Framed Wood Grain Prints | View in Art Lab

Enjoy your favorite photograph digitally imposed over a beautiful wood grain image. In this technique, the over-layed wood texture results in different levels of visual variations. The outcomes of typical prints on actual wood tend to be unpredictable as grains can not easily be chosen, often resulting in disappointing outcome for the customer. We ship with the grain seen in the image, virtually un-distinguishable from real wood, and protected in a beautiful frame.

Abstract Encaustic Painting | View in Art Lab

We will transform an image of your favorite abstract artwork or sepia photograph into an actual encaustic painting. Encaustic is a technique that applies bee or candle wax over an image enabling different levels of depth and creating unexpected tactile and visual variations. The resulting piece selectively reveals parts of the image while retaining an overall sense of mystery and a  handmade look and feel. This encaustic painting comes with a one-inch high maple wood frame for added appeal.

Curio Shadow Box | View in Art Lab

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and let us turn them into reproducible artistic expressions in this ten-inch square glass shadow box with assorted paraphernalia that can be customized with your own vision. The frame thickness measures 1- 3/4-inch on the outside and 1 -1/2 inch on the inside. Images are printed with archival quality inks that provide a vibrant gamut and accurate color resolution. The acid-free, cold pressed watercolor paper gets torn by hand to yield deckled-edges, for a true fine art appearance. For more information on the individual artifacts, visit the how-to section.



File Specifications

General guidelines


Please see our pricing page for details about pricing.


Image guidelines

  • Saved in RGB colorspace
  • Saved as a JPG or PNG
  • File size limit for online designer of 4mb,  or upload any larger size  image via Dropbox widget
  • Recommended largest size, in pixels: 3456px x 2304px


We place keen attention on aligning your image the way you had envisioned it in the final product, yet you may find that final outputs might vary slightly from the online designer. Should you like for us pay particular attention to a critical alignment, please don't hesitate to contact us with this or any other special requests.



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