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Are you an artist, art consumer, interior designer, gallerist, or perhaps a corporate art buyer?  Browse through our various portals to get familiar with our services.


Artists, Designers, Makers: Extend Your Image

Artists, designers and makers lie at the center of the DECOTHAT ecosystem, which was designed to devise new ways for creatives to extend their image. Instantly turn a few themed images into a body of work. Take advantage of easy-to-use tools that enable users to share on all popular social networks and online marketplaces.

Let us turn out fine art on your behalf. With brand new offerings that turn images of your original artwork or simple photographs into artistic translations of the original work or brand-new original art, consider us an artist troupe at your own disposal.

Interior Designers: Widen your repertoire

Customize your client’s experiences by customizing spaces in manners uniquely befitting of their individual style. Browse existing open studios or curated gallery spaces or create your own online portal containing instant renderings of three dimensional visions. Browse from among over one thousand high-quality stock art images that were designed to be enlarged to large sizes without unseemly artifacts.

Offer clients customized fine art to fit right into their home, at a price they can afford. Would you like to have your own store, under your own brand? Yes, this is possible, too.

Consumers: Stretch Your Design IQ

Browse through open studios or curated galleries to find new works by fresh talent. You can even design your own products. Browse through our high quality stock image library designed to be print on many different products to help enhance the appeal of your dwelling. Among our many unique offerings: Let us turn your favorite vacation landscape photograph into a watercolor, oil, or encaustic painting!

Online Designer Usage Guidelines and Design Criteria

We hope that browsing through this site will be a pleasurable experience. Whether creating a product for one-time purchase or as part of a studio hosted here, our user-friendly online designer is designed to be straight forward. You may also browse through the detailed instructions page for added clarity. If you would like to create an entire artist studio with images you can share anywhere online, there are a few things to bear in mind before getting started. We suggest you gather some images with a common theme and place them into an easy to find folder for upload. Just three to five images will suffice to flow into the varied blank templates of our online designer for an instant body of work appeal. If you are an multi-disciplinary artist with works of unrelated themes, consider signing up under a different user ID for additional studio(s). This way, each body of work gets the visual weight it deserves.






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